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Life Film Essential Oil Perfume

Life Film Essential Oil Perfume

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Photography: XiaMeng AORANN Studio

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Life Film Essential Oil Perfume

"Make a film in your own name.

Every day is worth remembering."

Life Film Essential Oil Perfume

In the shortest month of the year, time always flies by in various festivals, the increasingly busy may cause you feel that there is not enough time. We hope this fragrance can remind you, time to relax, leave some space for yourself, record those romantic moments in your life, otherwise they may be fleeting!

Fragrance Profile

  • Intense oriental spice & Heavy woody & Dry rose, Genderless

  • Top Notes: Pepper, Rose
    Middle Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood
    Base Notes: Agarwood, Sandalwood

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50ML Essential Oil Parfum

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