dse fragrances boy in white essential oil perfume

Perfume Story - Boy In White (Fragrance of August)

DSE Fragrances Boy In White Essential Oil Perfume

When I looked out of the window and saw the clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds of midsummer, it reminded me of why I chose the "Boy In White" as perfume for August.

Speaking of this perfume, there is more than one story behind it. As the last fragrance to be determined, it didn't even appear in the list of candidates initially. In the original plan was to have only one men's fragrance called "Left Pocket", but when it came time to make the final decision, I suddenly disliked the women's fragrance that we selected for August (I felt it didn't capture the essence of summer, and more importantly, it didn't align with the special impression I had of August in my heart).

For me, summer is so perfect for falling in love! Or more accurately, is first love.

My first love began in the summer vacation when I graduated from high school and was about to enter college. I think many Eastern students start their first relationships during such a summer break. With no academic pressure and no more school uniforms, you can confidently go on dates! And when he just in a simple white T-shirt and jeans appeared before you, you won't feel how ordinary he is. Especially when the sunlight hit him, you could see your reflection in his clear eyes, and probably hear your own heartbeat clearly. Yeah, it's a flipped sound. At that moment, you might have been so nervous that you forgot to breathe, but after a brief embrace, you caught a whiff of his clothes, warm and dry from basking in the sun. A hint of sweetness maybe from some brand of laundry detergent, with more herbal scents floating in the air. Just such a instant, this scent imprinted in your memory. Even now, it still moves your heart when you think of it.

So, inspired by this, I temporarily proposed changed a youthful men's fragrance for August perfume.

But in that time, this idea sounded absurd to the lab team. Since we didn't have many options for men's fragrances in our inventory, and not to mention that most of them were designed to cater to the demand for businessmen. It seemed impossible to find a perfume that matched my ideal vision.

Unexpectedly, the agarwood essential oil, which was still being tested at that time, finally broke the deadlock. I was drawn to its clean and serene feeling, using it as a base, after several iterations and improvements, we finally came up with the current version of "Boy In White".

DSE Fragrances Boy In White Essential Oil Perfume

Uncommon, we started with cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, bringing forth a warm sensation. A hint of herbs elevates the herbaceous feel, followed by a sweet transition of coconut milk to florals of the middle notes. When the scent of rose emerges, it truly becomes the highlight! Geranium prolongs the sweetness, then transitions to the soft and elegant scents of osmanthus and gardenia. Finally, supported by the dryness of patchouli, agarwood and cedarwood take center stage, showcasing a clean and bright feeling. The addition of leather and cistus makes the scent of the whole base seem to meld into the skin, which is extremely intriguing.

DSE Fragrances Boy In White Essential Oil Perfume

Just with this fragrance, to commemorate the person who once illuminated the youth. Even though everyone's experiences may differ, the feeling of first love is similar. In this chaotic world, qualities like purity, cleanliness, serenity, warmth, and sunny are hard to come by. It's not about age but about maintaining a original aspiration, staying true to oneself, and keeping positive. So, who is the person with a sense of youth in your heart?

DSE Fragrances Boy In White Essential Oil Perfume
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