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Autumn Missing Essential Oil Perfume

Autumn Missing Essential Oil Perfume

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Photography: XiaMeng AORANN Studio

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Autumn Missing Essential Oil Perfume

"When the leaves are dyed on autumn colors,

all I just want to tell you ......"

I miss you

Autumn Missing Essential Oil Perfume

In this autumn's iconic month, the weather is no longer so hot and the evening breeze is starting to cool off. You watch the leaves turn from dark green to golden, and seeing the fallen petals lie in profusion, all of these is so beautiful and dreamy. Surprisingly, autumn can always cause nostalgia, you will hope that this romance can last longer, because maybe one day you wake up and enter the long winter. We hope this fragrance will soothe your mind, bring you some sense of stability, and relief from the blues. You can let this fragrance stay on your pillow, bed, sofa, or blanket, and let this warm woody aroma slowly heal you.

Fragrance Profile

  • Moist woody & Earthy, Genderless

  • Top Notes: Jasmine, Mosquito Repellent Vanilla
    Middle Notes: Rose, Woody
    Base Notes: Ambergris, Oakmoss

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