D·S·E Essential Oil Parfum

  • According to the test report, it does not contain any heavy metals such as surfactants, alcohol, methanol, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, etc., so it has no pungent smell and does not irritate the skin. People who are allergic to alcohol can use it with confidence.
  • The compound essential oil is made through natural plant extraction, which can sterilize, purify the air, maintain the skin, moisturize and whiten after long-term use. (Through experiments, it can be found that DSE essential oil perfume is extremely friendly to the environment and human body, and will not leave any residue after natural volatilization)
  • Introduce the nano-microcapsule technology and adsorption technology used in advanced cosmetics, and apply it to essential oil perfumes to achieve:
    1. Make the fragrance last for at least 8 hours, and the longest can reach 72 hours.
    2. The skin-friendly effect is obvious, which is conducive to skin absorption, and the fragrance is softer with the help of body temperature.
    3. With flame retardant effect, it will not burn in case of fire, which can ensure the safety of transportation and storage to a large extent.
    4. Greatly retains the activity of natural plants.
  • Use quantum entanglement technology to awaken the perception ability between cells, through the function of fragrance, convey information such as memory and feelings, increase your own attractiveness, and make others feel good about you!