Brand Story

We entered the field of fragrance in 2004 with hotel scents (the predecessor of modern space fragrance)
As body fragrances are gaining more and more attention in China, DSE also keeps pace with the times and begins to develop body fragrances. However, the founder couples attach great importance with the safety of perfumes that come into contact with human skin. After comparing various chemical components and the safety of materials, they finally developed an essential oil perfume that does not contain heavy metals such as methanol.

Features of essential oil perfume:
1. Completely free of alcohol, methanol, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals
2. The natural fragrance lasts for a long time, and the perfect fragrance effect can be achieved without increasing the dosage
3. It is not easy to burn in case of fire, which greatly guarantees the safety of transportation and storage
4. The materials used are natural and environmentally friendly, and will not leave any residue, which is very safe for human body and environment
Learn more about the technical and ingredient properties.

Adhering to the original intention of being: green, safe, and high-quality, DSE essential oil perfume was quickly loved by users, and the repurchase rate was extremely high, and it soon occupied a place in the perfume market. After constantly trying to innovate and improve technology, DSE reached the peak of more than 8,000 (including franchise stores) sites in 2018.
However, times are changing too fast. With the rise of the e-commerce field, offline stores will inevitably be hit. Today, we still maintain more than 2,000 physical stores, and take the high-end customized perfume bar (similar to the concept of a mixing bar) as the future direction to provide users with actual experience and create their own fragrance. At the same time, we are also actively preparing for the online field. From July 2022, we've started to reshape the brand packaging, concept, image and fragrance series. After more than half a year of preparation, we expect to officially launch it in February 2023, and strive to expand overseas markets, so that more foreign users who love perfume can experience DSE's special and surprising essential oil perfume.
Through years of research and development experience and the integration and innovation of Chinese and Western perfume cultures, we bring a brand new Chinese perfume. In DSE perfume, we can see the gift from nature, our concern for the body and mind of users, the pursuit of environmental protection and safety, and the confidence and understanding of culture. We hope to bring you peace of mind, relaxation, happiness and healing experience. Welcome to the space of DSE.